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PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS is a family-oriented personal injury legal business, so let us handle your case. Bred Cooper, the little firm’s founder and a pioneer in personal injury litigation who has obtained multi-million dollar settlements for injured clients, never dreamed that his modest operation would last for two generations as a labour of love. Sons David and Jhony grew up wanting nothing more than to be lawyers like their father because they greatly desired to serve people. After graduating, son-in-law Bred started working for the firm, and shortly after that, PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS was founded.

The firm’s primary values are family, which extends far beyond the management structure. The members of PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS TORONTO are a diverse group of seasoned lawyers who have a common goal to aid others and defend the rights of individuals who have suffered harm or injustice. Our mission is to fight for justice against insurance companies while offering all of our customers highly skilled legal counsel and incredibly caring, individualized service.

When you are the most important thing

In a constant battle with the major insurance providers, we operate as activists, crusaders, and champions on behalf of our clients. We work hard to get the best financial results while assisting our clients in returning to their regular lives as swiftly and painlessly as possible. Being hurt is unjust, but what is truly unfair is that insurance firms may attempt to use these delicate circumstances for their gain. We are laser-focused on preventing it from happening. With our unwavering dedication to them, we will treat and assist our clients with the utmost respect and excellence.

We have been informed that our compassion for others comes through our passion for them. We care about your reasonable and fair compensation, the smooth, comprehensive claims procedure, and the sympathetic, courteous, and welcoming treatment you get along the way. We make sure every customer receives the individualized care and compensation they need.